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The ONLY Tilt Tray Specialist In WA
At Master Trucks we are proudly the Western Australia specialists in the designing, manufacturing and installation of tilt trays, built from scratch, for trucks ranging from 4.5 to 30 tons.
We give you the choice to include accessories in your tilt tray - including wheel lifts, chassis mounted tool boxes, container pins and hydraulic stabilizer legs (just to name a few) while working with you throughout the design, manufacture and installation process to ensure that we build a product that suits your needs.

We Can Save You Money
Put that extra time and money to good use! Since we are the Western Australian tilt tray specialist, choosing your local Master Trucks means you are ensured to have your tilt tray completed far quicker without the hassle, expense and time consumption of transport over East, plus enduring the typical waiting period. Not to mention the thousands of extra dollars you will have to part with! Master Trucks also offer maintenance, repairs, safety inspections and servicing with a generous warranty. Lucky we are not too far away if you need us!

We offer A TWO YEAR Warranty
Each tilt tray comes with a 2 year structure warranty. In the unlikely event that one of our specialty part fails within 12 months of supply and installation, we will repair or replace it immediately.
We Do NOT Compromise On Quality
Our tilt trays are manufactured and installed to the highest standard using the highest quality components. Because our trays are built to last we only source the highest quality parts from trusted suppliers located in our very own Western Australia, Italy, the United States and Globally.

Short Down Time
We endeavor to fully install your tilt tray within 5 to 6 weeks. That’s half the amount of time you may be looking at elsewhere!


2D/3D Designed
Our Product, is 3D/2D designed by our specialized engineer to ensure great quality and durability
latest Technology
All our tilt-trays are tested for maximum performance
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